Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25B + X-contact

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Falcon Eyes


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The Falcon Eyes HS-25B Hotshoe Adapter fits into the hotshoe of the camera and is equipped with an X-Contact. This adapter makes it possible to add an x-contact to your camera if it is not equipped with one.

With this Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25B + X-contact you extend your camera with an X-contact. This makes it possible to give a trigger signal to an external flash, such as a studio flash.

Application Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25B + X-contact

You slide the Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25B + X-contact onto the hotshoe of the camera, which creates the X-contact connection on the side. Now you can use a sync cable (see optional accessories) to connect a flash to this X-contact. This flash then receives a signal from the camera when it needs to flash when shooting. When multiple studio flash units are used, they can flash with the built-in slave sensor.

On top of the Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25B + X-contact is a hotshoe for attaching a Speedlite flash. In this way, the TTL light measurement is automatically switched off as you still want to set it manually.

Attention! Due to the lack of the middle contact in the hotshoe connection, this hotshoe cannot be used with the cameras below:


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