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NiSi Filter Circular Polarizer Natural Pro Nano

This filter have an exclusive polarizer coating film, which cuts out reflections from non metal surfaces and provides true color without the warming cast.
This feature not only reduses unwanted reflections, but provides a waterproof barrier on both sides of the filter, scratch resistance and added oil resistance. This allows easy and effective cleaning of dust, finger prints and water stains.

Each filter is processed with precision control.

The use of double-sided parallelization technology results in ultra high image definiton.

NiSi Natural CPL utilises Cine Sealed technology wich blackens the edge of the CPL for added durability. This technology reduses the influence of temperature fluctuations and keeps out condensation.

This filter have ultra slim "two colored" frame.

Тип фильтраCPL (поляризационный)
Размер фильтра77mm

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