Porta Brace SAN-2B Sand Bag

Porta Brace


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Porta Brace SAN-2B
Durable sand bags for tripod and light stands.

  • Durable, 1000-denier Cordura
  • Separate, interior pouches keep sand from leaking
  • Easy grip durable nylon handles
  • SAN-2B holds up to 15lbs. of sand

Portabrace Sand Bags are carefully designed and crafted using the same production process and materials as our famous camera cases. The Sand Bags are constructed using heavy-duty, 1000-denier Cordura® fabric and durable nylon webbing. Double-stitched seams provide extra strength and lasting value.

The interior sand pouches are made of a unique, semi-flexible material that prevents tears and sand leakage. There's a built-in nylon carrying handle as well as a large, solid-steel hook and ring that allows you to wrap the Sand Bag securely around c-stand legs, tripod legs, clip it to equipment cases, or strap it to light stands.

In The Box
(1) Exterior, Cordura Sand Bags
(1) Interior, leak-resistant pouches


Technical Data

1.00 lb / 0.45 kg
0.5'' × 9.75'' × 19.5'' / 1.27 × 24.77 × 49.53 cm

Тип аксессуаров штативасумка

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