Porta Brace HB-40SSCAM-C Shoulder Strap

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Porta Brace


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The new HB-40SSCAM-C strap is the SUPER STRAP designed to fit portable broadcast style cameras, field editors and other equipment, with POSTS. Made of memory foam, it is SUPER COMFORTABLE and has a new Slip-Not undersurface. A full-length pocket on top keeps press passes, lens tissue and other small valuables, close at hand. It comes with special stainless steel hardware fitting the POSTS for your broadcast camera loaded with heavy battery, wireless microphones, a large lens and more. Watch The Ken's Corner Video on the HB-40SSCAM-C:

Weight- 0.5 kg

L - 55'' / 139.7cm
W - 4'' / 10.16cm
H - 0.5'' / 1.27cm

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