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In this Combi you buy a complete package with two different compasses. With this bundle, you can make a nice presentation on the shop floor, so that you can reach interested parties better.
By the way, if you don't want to buy the whole set, you can find the products for sale separately in the optional accessories.

This combi consists of:

6x Konus Compass Konuspoint-6;

The Konuspoint-6 is an oil-filled compass with which you can easily determine your direction. The Konuspoint is made of plastic and is extremely compact. Therefore the compass is light-weight and easy to take with you.

6x Konus Compass Scompass;

The Scompass is a plastic compass with which the direction can easily be determined. The compass is made of plastic and is very compact. This makes the compass very light and easy to take with you.

Both compasses come with an instruction manual in 8 different languages so that the compass is easy to use for everyone.


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