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The Gemini 500r monolight features the ability to be powered from AC mains in the studio or the award-winning Travelpak battery unit out on location as well as boasting a range of features designed to offer photographers not only ultimate freedom but unmatched power, durability and control too.

Bowens GEMINI 500R 230v inc Mains Lead and Modelling Lamp

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The Bowens Gemini 500R flash has been designed to offer photographers not only ultimate creative freedom but unmatched power, durability and control too.
Our best-selling monolight is packed so full of features it is easy to see why the Society for Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) have voted it the best studio lighting system and the best location lighting system too!

Take Control
We don't think that digital precise control should be complicated.
That's why simplicity is the key with Bowens Gemini flash units. We have made digitally accurate control easy without a confusing menu system.
Simply turn one dial to adjust the flash power in full stops and the other for tenths of stops to instantly set five stops of power from 500Ws to 15Ws with precision control, the LED display confirms the power output.
Modelling control is also made simple with one switch, choose from full, proportional or off or just set the modelling lamp to any level you desire.
Gemini monolights can also be controlled from afar with the Bowens Gemini Remote Control which can adjust all basic features from up to 7m away - ideal when your lights are mounted on a ceiling rail system such as the Bowens Hi-Glide system.

Location, Location, Location
The Gemini 500R can be powered from AC mains power in the studio and when you want to go out on location, your studio quality lighting can go with you too.
Gemini lights can be powered by the optional Bowens Travelpak battery system which is able to provide power to two Gemini lights.
Using the 500R with the Small Travelpak will provide up to 150 full power flashes per charge (Double that with the Large Travelpak).

Always In-Sync.
These days unreliable sync cords are a distant memory for most photographers. Now you can also forget bulky radio receivers attached to your lights too!  
Thanks to the unique radio-card facility on the Gemini 500R flash. By simply plugging a radio receiver card into the slot on the back, Gemini lights instantly become compatible with the Pulsar Radio Trigger system.
Because the radio trigger card becomes an integral part of the unit it is much more reliable than an external receiver which can only be as good as its cord connection.
The built-in photocell on the Gemini 500R has a 'smartcell' option to enable pre-exposure flashes to be ignored. This feature can be used for exposure measurement and, or red eye reduction. The smartcell allows the Gemini unit to be synchronised to the camera shutter on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th flash as selected by you.
For traditionalists who like to have a physical connection between the camera and light, the Gemini has a 1/4" jack socket and the low 5V sync-line means that your camera's sensitive circuitry is safe.

Full Metal Jacket.
Bowens products have always been acclaimed for build quality and durability. The Gemini 500R is no different, the tough metal body protects the sophisticated circuitry and high powered capacitors from knocks and bumps which are only natural in hard working studios and during transportation. It is for this reason that Bowens lights are so popular in schools and colleges all around the world.
In addition to the tough exterior, clever software takes care of the interior components as well as the user replaceable Flash Tube and powerful 250W Halostar modelling lamp. The 'Lamp Saver' function automatically dims the modelling lamp after a period of inactivity defined by you to extend the life of the lamp - this combined with the soft start technology built into the Gemni 500R means less money spent on replacing modelling lamps.

Key Features.

✔ Pulsar Radio Receiver Card compatible.
✔ Simple to use digital 1/10th stop precise control.
✔ Five stops of power control. 500Ws-15Ws
✔ 'Smartcell' works with pre-exposure flashes.
✔ Travelpak compatible.
✔ Auto 'Lamp Saver' mode.
✔ Robust metal construction.
✔ Multiple modelling control modes.
✔ 250W Halostar Modelling Lamp
✔ Recessed switches and sockets.
✔ Wide range of S-type accessories.
✔ DSLR friendly low sync voltage.



Q. What are the differences between the Gemini 500R and Gemini 500Pro?
 SpecificationGemini 500RGemini 500Pro
AC Multivoltage:No (230V or 117V specific models)Yes (Auto switches 90-250V AC)
Recycle Time (to full power)1.3 Sec1.1 Sec
Flash Duration (t=0.5)1/9001/2900
Fan CooledNoYes
User Replaceable Flash TubeBW2032 UV Coated (Supplied)
BW2030 Clear (Optional)

BW1079 UV Coated (Supplied)
BW2980 Clear (Optional)

Good to know!
If a monolight has not been used for a year or more then it is strongly advisable to turn the unit on and leave on without flashing for a 6-8 hour period. This will help the capacitors to soften again if they have gone hard through non use.
Never connect a Travelpak to a Gemini while the unit is plugged into the mains. Avoid pressing on the battery section of the rocker switch when plugged into the mains.
If a modelling lamp fails and on replacement the unit does not work, check to see if it has blown the fuse, there is a spare fuse in the small draw below the mains plug socket dispose of the blown fuse in the inner slot and swap with the spare fuse in the outer slot.

Inhibit circuit Yes
Infra-Red remote Yes
Modelling control Proportional with Power
Modelling control Remote Control
Modelling control Control Button
Modelling modes Independent
Modelling modes Off
Modelling modes Proportional
Modelling modes Full
Power control Remote Control
Power control Stop & Tenth Dials
Sync voltage 5V DC

Voltage 190-250V AC 50Hz
Voltage stabilisation В±0.5%
Digital displayYes
Вентиляторное охлаждениеНет
Скорость импульса вспышки1/900
Guide number85
Power accuracy1/10th stop
Power range5 Stops
Радио триггерЕсть
Ready beepЕсть
Ready indicationIlluminated Test Button
Ready lightЕсть
Время перезаряда1.3 secs
Мощность Watt500
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