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  • high-quality Background with real motif
  • sturdy paper with surface refinement
  • easily to be washed off
  • brings a different scenery in your studio, ideal for even diverse people photography
  • material thickness: approx. 110g/m², 100% cotton

Transfer the easiness and energy of the wind mills to your pictures by playing with the perspective of this unique Background. This guarantees great results!

The Photo Motif Background ‘Amsterdam‘ particularly impresses through its real appearance. Printed on a special paper, it provides a very unique ambiance for your future shootings. Therefore it is ideally suitable for the use in your photo studio as well as for shorter video films or representations. You will get the 3x6m huge Background rolled around a paper core. This avoids unwanted bending and sagging.

Pleasenote, that the Photo Motif Background consists of several lengths, which are sticked together. The slightly visible transvisions do not influence your pictures at all!

This item can only be delivered per time-sensitive delivery and within Germany.
The delivery is just possible through your presence at the stated delivery address.

General information

Product Color Motive see pictures, Multicoulored motive
Material Paper
Product Type Paper backround
Field of Application People Photography
Paper Weight 110g/mІ
Width 3000mm
Length 6000mm
Motive Amsterdam
Surface Reflex poor


Girth 400mm
Height of Packaging 80mm
Length of Packaging 3050mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 3700g
Width of Packaging 80mm
Тип фонаБумажные
ЦветС рисунком
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