walimex pro 3in1 Foldable Backgound +Train, Mix 2

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walimex pro


walimex pro 3in1 Foldable Backgound +Train, Mix 2
  • super convenient Foldable Background with dual use:
    brown mottled Foldable Background -> can be used two-sided and separately
    blue and red mottled Train -> can be used individually by simple turning
  • 100% cotton
  • optimal for portraits and passport pictures
  • with fastening straps for hooks, rods, tripods & Co.
  • with convenient carrying bag, carrying diameter approx. 70cm

We make your dreams come true: With the Foldable Background and the two-sided usable Train from walimex pro we offer an item, from which you can benefit twice! An absolute must-have for every professional photographer!

The Foldable Background with Train particularly attracts through its 3in1 character: The Foldable Background in batik brown mottled can be used separately and is a beautiful background for portraits and passport pictures. The two-colored Train is the suitable and convenient highlight to the Foldable Background. It can be simply covered over the batik brown Basis Background through smooth-running zippers and then be used with the blue mottled surface or alternatively with the red mottle on the other side. With a total length of almost 4 meters, the Train is the optimal extension for taking full-length portraits with a smooth background. Certainly, the product can be folded in the twinkling of an eye and can then be stored or carried in the carrying bag for the next shooting. Be enthused by the various application use!

Dimensions Foldable Background (LxW)approx. 200x145cm
Dimensions Train (LxW)approx. 375x145cm
Carrying Diameter (Ø)approx. 70cm
Total Weightapprox. 3300g
  • 1x walimex pro Foldable Bakground with Train, incl. convenient carrying bag

This is the basic recording in color.

The image was converted to grayscale.



The background was deffuse designed.

The image was again converted to grayscale.

Тип фонаСкладной
Размер фона, м1.45x2
Ширина фона0.5m - 1.48m

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