Nest 3-Way Pan Head NT-332H up to 10Kg

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Nest 3-Way Pan Head NT-332H; 1 x Quick Release Plate; Coloured Packaging


The Nest NT-332H 3-Way Pan Head is a multi-functional 3-way panoramic head suitable for a tripod or monopod. The NT-332H is made from the latest CNC machining process. This means that the parts are made from a single piece of aluminum. This gives the parts a better fit and provides a greater strength and stability.


Nest NT-332H 3-Way Pan Head Specifications


The NT-332H is equipped with a quick release plate, security lock and male screw thread. The ball head can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically and the joystick can be rotated 360 degrees. All positions can be secured in place via the integrated locking mechanism. The NT-332H is equipped with a 2-way built-in spirit level, enabling you to align the camera both vertically and horizontally. The NT-332H has a maximum loading capacity of 10 kgs.

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