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1 x Quick Release Plate
1 x Nest Ball Head NT-324H; 1 x Quick Release Plate

Nest Ball Head NT-324H up to 5Kg

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The Nest Quick Release Plate is a quick release plate compatible with the Nest NT-324H Ball Head. The quick release plate is equipped with a male screw thread.

The Nest NT-324H Ball Head is a ball head suitable for a tripod or monopod. The NT-324H is made from the latest CNC machining process. This means that the parts are made from a single piece of aluminum. This gives the parts a better fit and provides a greater strength and stability.


Nest NT-324H Ball Head Specifications


The NT-324H is equipped with a quick release plate, security lock and male screw thread on which you can mount your camera. Further, the NT-324H is equipped with a 2-way built-in spirit level and a scaled, 360-degree horizontal adjustment. These leveling features enable you to precisely position your camera. The NT-324H has a maximum loading capacity of 5 kgs.

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