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The NiSi Square Filter Explorer 150x170mm graduated neutral density filters (GND) are made for adventures!
These filters feature a special B270 tempered glass that makes them twice as durable as other typical glass filters.
And of course they do not affect the coloration of the image and also have IR coating and the same dirt, water and oil repellant Nano coating as NiSi's regular filters.

NiSi Filter Explorer Medium Graduated Filter GND8 (0.9) / 3 Stops is used to even out differences in brightness between the sky and landscape. The upper half of the filter is dark gray and reduces the light by 3 stops, which increases the color saturation and makes clouds more visible. The lower half is completely clear.

The transition between the two halves is medium fast which makes the filter suitable for motifs with hills, trees and other details that break the horizon, as well as for shooting a sunrise or sunset over the sea. Simply put, a very good all-round filter.

The NiSi 150mm Explore filters are compatible with the NiSi 150mm filter system.

Note: These filters have undergone a tempering and hardening process to make them much less prone to accidental damage. But this does not mean they are unbreakable. After a period of time, the hardening may also decline.

Тип фильтраND (нейтральный)
Размер фильтра150mm
Плотность фильтраND8

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