Falcon Eyes Bi-Color LED Lamp Set Dimmable DV-300F2-K1 incl. Battery

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Falcon Eyes


1 x Falcon Eyes LED Lamp DV-300F2-K1; 1 x Battery; 1 x Battery Charger; 1 x Handgrip; 1 x Mini Ball Head; Carry Bag; Full Colour Packaging


The Falcon Eyes DV-300F2-K1 Dimmable LED Lamp Set is suitable for illuminating small and larger areas whilst photographing or filming. The DV-300F2-K1 is compact, lightweight and produces a flicker-free, stable colour temperature of between 3000 and 8000K. The LED lamp consists of 300 dimmable LED lights and is powered by a LI-ION rechargeable battery. Because of this, the DV-300F2-K1 is perfect for use on location without needing a power source. The DV-300F2-K1 is equipped with a touchscreen located on the back of the lamp. This touchscreen enables you to adjust the light output and colour temperature.


The DV-300F2-K1 can be mounted on the hotshoe of your camera or on a light stand by using the supplied mini ball head or hotshoe adapter. Further, the DV-300F2-K1 can be mounted on the supplied handle. An optional light stand can be found in the optional accessories tab below.


Alternatively, it is possible to power the DV-300F2-K1 with a SP-AC9 power cord or 6 AA batteries, instead of the supplied LI-ION battery. To view these compatible accessories, please see the optional accessories tab below.

LED цветовая температураBi-color
Регулировка яркостирегулируемая

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