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Advanced Illumination in a Compact Design
At only 2.27kg with a 180W output the FS-150 delivers high illuminance of up to 26,380lux @1m.

Uniform Soft Light
Adopting a new innovation in motion and still lighting technology, the FS-150 has 206 professionally engineered LED chips that produce an ultra-bright but evenly soft light.

No compromise on Color Quality
Accurate daylight-balanced colors at 5600K, CRI: Average 96, TLCI: Average 98.

Integrated Design for Simplicity
The compact all in one design combines the control unit, power adapter and lamp head. This fully integrated system makes the FS-150 lighter and minimalizes setup time, along with simple controls and advanced functionality the FS-150 offers convenience without limitations.

**Customizable Practical Effects **
11 Built-in Practical Effects that are easy to access and tailor, each designed to help creatives simulate complex lighting effects.

Endless Light Shaping Possibilities
Shape light with Bowens mount modifiers and umbrella holder.

High-Efficient Cooling
The internal professional grade fan enables the FS-150 to operate at full power consistently over long periods of time, without the worry of overheating.

Realizing Light Control Free
Choose between the intuitive on-board controls or adjust output wirelessly via 2.4G, allowing for quick accurate adjustments on set.

Firmware Updates
Built-in USB port makes future firmware updates user friendly, keeping you up to date with the latest advances.




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  • Ordering NANLITE FS-150 LED DAYLIGHT SPOT LIGHT 12-8104 from Nanlite manufacturer estimated delivery time usually is 5 - 6 days.
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