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  • Компактный микрофон для смартфона 
  • Диапазон частот: 50 – 18 000 Hz
  • Чувствительность: -36 dB
  • Соединение Apple Lightning 
  • В комплекте защита от ветра из вспененной резины 

Boya Mini Condenser Microphone BY-M100D for iOS

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The Boya BY-M100D is an omnidirectional condenser microphone designed for Apple devices from iOS 10 and up. You plug it directly into the Lightning connector of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The microphone draws its power from the device you plugged it into, therefore it does not require a battery. All you have to do is launch a video or audio app and you are ready to record. The microphone is equipped with a pivot point which can be adjusted in 180 degrees.

Application Boya BY-M100D

The simple use of the microphone is ideal for example, the novice vlogger. But also for journalists, the BY-M100D can be a solution. The small size allows you to easily take it anywhere. The BY-M100D can also be used outdoors, as it comes with a windshield to reduce noise from the wind. This means that you can also use the microphone for vacation videos.

This product comes with a unique warranty card only through this sales channel, which allows you to benefit exclusively from a three-year warranty.


Тип товараMicrophones
МикрофоныРазнонаправленные микрофоны
Подключение микрофонас проводом
Соединительный штекерLightning

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