Byomic Beginners Stereo Microscope 20x

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Junior Stereo Microscope 20x; 2 Wide Angle Oculars 10x
1x Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST1; 2x WF10x Wide-angle eyepieces; 2x AA batteries; 1x Protective cover; 1x Manual


The Byomic Beginners Stereo Microscope has a magnification of 20x and is suitable for the observation of minerals, coins, stamps fibers, insects etc. The microscope is equipped with LED lighting, which is powered by 2 AA batteries (included), making it suitable for use outside as well as inside. Further, the microscope is equipped with a binocular head and two eyepieces, which provide you with a good depth of view.


The microscope is generally used to study and observe objects found outside.

The Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST1 is a microscope that is ideal for novice users. This illuminate-microscope has a fixed magnification of 2x and with the wide-angle eyepieces of 10x a magnification of 20x is achieved. When the two supplied AA-batteries are inserted, the LED lighting can be switched on by means of the switch so that the subject is clearly visible.

The BYO-ST1 has an integrated table of 60 by 60 mm. It is equipped with two clamps to hold a specimen in the right place.


Because the Byomic BYO-ST1 is equipped with two wide-angle eyepieces, you have a large field of view and the depth of field is excellent. A 45° viewing angle allows you to look through the microscope in a natural position. 

Application Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST1

The BYO-ST1 is suitable for viewing stamps and coins as well as observing plants, insects and other small animals. Also for observing minerals and gemstones or working with small electronics and/or soldering on a circuit board are no problem for this microscope.

With another set of eyepieces a different magnification can be achieved. This microscope uses eyepieces with a diameter of 23mm (see optional accessories).


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