Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3LED

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Microscope BYO-ST3LED; Cover; Power Cable and Power Supply; 1 Pair Rubber Eye Pieces; 1 Pair Oculars WF10x - 20 mm; 2 Object Plates Black/White and Glass - Diameter 95 mm
1x Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3LED; 2x WF10x Wide-angle eyepieces; 2x Premium eyecups; 1x Contrast plate Ш95mm White/Black;1x Transmitted light Glass Ш95mm; 1x Power adapter; 1x Protective cover; 1x Manual


The Byomic BYO-ST3LED Stereo Microscope is suitable for beginner hobbyists and use in schools. The BYO-ST3LED is equipped with a sturdy metal casing and a standard 20x or 40x magnification. The magnification is achieved through the two 10x wide angle eyepieces and a set of 2x and 4x objective lenses. The BYO-ST3LED is equipped with LED lighting, which is powered by 4 AA batteries (included) or through the supplied power cord. The light is located on the top and bottom of the BYO-ST3LED and can be switched on and off separately.


The BYO-ST3LED has a 45 stereo view with 2 tubes. The eye relief can be adjusted between 55 and 75 mm. The right ocular is equipped with a diopter compensation wheel providing you with a clear, focused view.


The BYO-ST3LED is supplied with object clamps, 2 object observation plates and a set of rubber eyepieces. All optical parts of the microscope are equipped with an anti-fungus coating.

The Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3LED is an easy to use microscope and suitable for hobbyists but also for primary and secondary schools. This microscope has two non interchangeable fixed objectives with a magnification of 2x and 4x. With the wide angle eyepieces of 10x it is possible to switch between 20x and 40x magnification.


The BYO-ST3LED has a solid metal housing with an integrated table measuring 115 mm by 105 mm which is equipped with two solid clamps to hold a specimen in position, so it does not shift during observation. The table has a contrast plate of Ø95mm. This contrast plate is white on one side and black on the other side, so that certain specimens with a different contract can be observed.


Because the Byomic BYO-ST3LED is equipped with two wide-angle eyepieces, you have a large field of vision and excellent depth of field. Because the eyepieces have a viewing angle of 45 degrees, the microscope can be used in a relaxing position. The eye distance is adjustable between 54 and 76 mm and the dioptre of the left eyepiece can also be adjusted so that you can get the subject in sharp focus. The supplied Premium eyecups can be slid over the eyepieces so that you are not distracted from movements you observe around the eyepiece and it is easier to maintain the correct distance to the lens. By using these eyecups it is possible to fully focus on the subject which benefits the perception.


Because the Byomic BYO-ST3LED is equipped with both light and backlight illumination, the subject can be illuminated well with this microscope. Besides the supplied power adapter, the microscope can also be used with 3x AA batteries. This way the microscope can be used everywhere. also in places where there is not immediately a power outlet nearby. Besides the illuminant slide of Ø95mm, there is also a contrast plate of Ø95mm included in the color black and white, so you can also work with contrast.

Application Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3LED

The BYO-ST3LED is suitable for viewing stamps and coins as well as observing plants, insects and other small animals. Also for looking at minerals and gemstones or working with small electronics and / or soldering on a circuit board are no problem for this microscope.

With another set of eyepieces a different magnification can be achieved. This microscope uses eyepieces with a diameter of 30mm (see optional accessories).



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