Kowa Stay-On Bag for TSN882/884 Straight

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1x Kowa Stay-On Bag C-882 for TSN-882/884;1x Shoulder strap


Kowa Stay-on bag for the spotting scopes TSN882 and TSN884


This reliable made-to-measure spotting scope bag is waterproof and protects your TSN-882 or TSN-884 against the elements. The bag can stay on the spotting scope while you are looking through.

The Kowa Stay-on Bag C-882 for TSN-882/884 is designed specifically for the Kowa Spotting Scope TSN-882/884. The high quality offers good protection and it comes with a shoulder strap. This allows you to carry your spotting scope close at hand and make observations quickly.

Main features Kowa Stay-On Bag C-882:

  • High quality Stay-On Bag C-882 for the TSN-882/884 Spotting Scope
    A stylish design with good protection for your spotting scope while maintaining full use. Includes stay-on lens and eyepiece caps that can be quickly removed for observation.
    Easy access to the focusing wheel.
  • Water-repellent
    The Stay-On Bag is water-repellent.


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