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The Orca Shoulder Video Bag, is expertly designed to carry and protect your video camera and all its related items, from studio to location and anywhere else you choose to shoot.

Orca Video Bags are highly protective, with their external aluminum frame, internal honeycomb frame and layers of foam and EVA.

The bags are extremely light, versatile and easy to carry.

Orca Video Bags come in 4 different sizes (OR-4, OR-6, OR-8 and OR-12) each with four external pockets, padded shoulder strap and a flexible internal dividing system that can be configured according to the users needs.

Special features

  • The world's first video bag with a combination of an aluminum frame and honeycomb frame for maximum protection of sensitive equipment.
  • Wide top opening for easy operating and viewing of contents.
  • Internal LED lighting system for better viewing in dark locations.
  • Smart dividing system to hold camera in place inside the bag.
  • Inside lining made from bright blue brushed polyester for easy viewing of equipment.
  • Four outside pockets to hold extra accessories.
  • Special Hi-Frequency padded carrying strap.
  • Unique internal pouch for storing essential accessories such as batteries, light, wireless microphone, dynamic microphone, memory cards, etc.
  • Bag can be attached to the Orca Trolley system for easy transportation.
  • Two side-handles for pulling the bag from storage
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  • Ordering ORCA OR-4 SHOULDER CAMERA BAG - 1 OR-4 from ORCA manufacturer estimated delivery time usually is 5 - 6 days.
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