mantona camera bag ElementsPro 20 orange

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  • Outdoor camera bag, to be carried by shoulder strap and/or lap belt
  • suitable for small DSLR equipment or one system camera incl. 2 lenses, power supply unit and further accessories
  • lap belt with pockets for purse, mobile phone or keys
  • compact and light
  • breathable Airmesh padding for optimal carrying comfort
  • quick access to the camera through a large cover
  • detachable rain cover
  • net compartments on either side for beverage bottle or accessories
  • flexibly partitionable inside space to match your requirements
  • The camera compartment can be removed as a complete item, to be able to use the bag also without camera equipment

Shoulder strap and lap belt with high functionality
The mantona ElementsPro 20 camera bag can be conveniently carried over the shoulder or by the lap belt only. The bag is compact and light and optimally suitable for small DSLR-equipment or for bigger system camera equipment. The cover enables quick access to the camera compartment and the detachable rain cover and the well padded lap belt and shoulder strap offer optimal protection. The individually dividable inside space with a variety of dividers enables safe storage of your equipment, and the padded camera division can be simply remove. This way the bag can also be used without camera equipment.

Accurate workmanship and compact dimensions
With integrated zip closed pockets on the lap belt, this compact bag provides adequate space for purse, smartphone or keys. The two net compartments on the sides of the bag can be used for beverage bottle or further objects. The lap belt can also be hidden behind the padding, if it is no longer required. Its length is up to 158cm. The dimensions of the bag provide sufficient space for 1 flash and 1 lens as well as a camera with lens attached, and further accessories. The reflection strips and the eye-catching colour ensure high visibility in darkness.

General information

Locking Systems Click fastener, Zipper
Product Color Grey, orange
Material Nylon
Weight 720g
carbine No
removable camera inlay Yes


stand attachment No

Data outside

Height (inside) 150mm
Width (Inside) 170mm
Width (Outside) 190mm
Length (outside) 240mm
Height (outside) 170mm
Length (inside) 220mm


Girth 1045mm
Height of Packaging 192mm
Length of Packaging 273mm
Packaging Material Polybag
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 720g
Width of Packaging 194mm

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