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1x Snoot;1x Honeycomb with adapter;5x Color filter

StudioKing Conical Snoot SK-CS22

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The SK-CS22 from StudioKing is often one of the first purchased accessories for all types of photography. The conical snoot concentrates the light into a fairly soft beam, ideal for backlighting or fill light. The snoot comes with a honeycomb and color filters, but can also be used without these accessories. The snoot is equipped with a Linkstar S-Bayonet, suitable for the LL, LL-D, LF and FS series. The bayonet is not interchangeable. The S bayonet is also suitable for the brands Bowens, StudioKing, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe and Aurora. The diameter of the front opening is 6.2 cm.

Application SK-CS22

If you want to concentrate the light of your flashlight or LED lamp and thus light up a certain subject in a very focused way, the SK-CS22 is a perfect tool. The color filters and honeycomb provide a colorful addition and concentration of the light beam, respectively.


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