StudioKing Speed Ring Adapter SK-BWEC Bowens to Elinchrom

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1x SK-BWEC adapter ring


The SK-BWEC from StudioKing is an adapter ring to connect Elinchrom accessories to flash units and LED lamps with a Bowens connection. When softboxes and octaboxes from Elinchrom do not have an interchangeable adapter ring, you can still use the SK-BWEC to mount them to the desired Linkstar/Bowens equipment.

Application SK-BWEC adapter ring

You can use the SK-BWEC on lamps with a Bowens S bayonet. This makes the adapter ring suitable for selected products from Linkstar, Bowens, StudioKing, Jinbei, Qihe, Lastolite, Aurora and Menik, among others. Sometimes you want to combine lamps and accessories from multiple brands, in which case an adapter ring offers a solution.

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