Marshall Electronics CV503-WP-NDF

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Marshall Electronics CV503-WP-NDF

The filter caps are a useful addition for applications in strong sunlight or bright illumination. Just as our eyes are dazzled when looking directly into the sun and only bright white is visible, the same applies to the sensor. The image is overexposed. As soon as we wear sunglasses, we see contrasts much sharper. The caps are screwed directly in front of the lenses. So they fulfill a similar effect. The brightness can be raised again by the shutter speed. 

The set consists of three filter caps. 
  • ND4
  • ND16
  • ND64
Here are the extension factors in detail:
  • ND4: at 25% 
  • ND16: at 6,3% 
  • ND64: at 1,6% 

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