SmallRig 2081 Advanced Cage Kit voor Sony A6500 2081C

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SmallRig 2081 Advanced Cage Kit for Sony A6500
The SmallRig 2081 Advanced Cage Kit for Sony A6500 is exclusively designed for Sony A6500 in the market to bring out the camera's maximum potential. It includes Cage 1889, NATO Handle 1955 and Cold Shoe Extension 2044. It offers lots of possibilities for additional attachment as per your needs during shooting. Cage 1889 fits the camera perfectly and locks the camera via 1/4" screw at the bottom and a M2.5 screw on the right side. It is equipped with NATO rail on the top for NATO Handle 1955 for handheld shooting and is compatible with XLR adapter, and its integrated cold shoe could attach Magic Arm 1497 for monitor. Wooden Handgrip 1970 could be mounted on the cage to provide a better gripping experience. NATO Handle 1955 could attach NATO rail on cage and then be locked via a wingnut. It features quick attachment and detachment. It could be slid forwards and backwards to find the balance point of your rigs. The handle is equipped with three shoe mounts on the top and at the back respectively, to which the light accessories, such as microphone, magic arm, could be attached. Cold Shoe Extension 2044 could be mounted on 1/4" threaded holes on the right side of Cage 1889. The arrowheads on the cold shoe point to anti-off direction. The cold shoe is compatible with RODE microphone, wireless microphone and RODE SVMX microphone. In addition, the cold shoe extends beyond the cage, thus it will not block the buttons and ports of the cage.


  • It is exclusively designed for Sony A6500.
  • Cold Shoe Extension 2044 provides many DIY mounting possibilities.
  • The cage features Arca Swiss QR plate at the bottom with an array of 1/4" threaded holes compatible with quick release plates of different standards and one 3/8" threaded hole compatible with C stand.
  • NATO Handle 1955 features quick attachment and detachment and can be used in handheld shooting
  • 2 year warranty

In the box

  • 1 x Cage 1889
  • 1 x NATO Handle 1955 
  • 1 x Cold Shoe Extension 2044


  • Sony A6500

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