Caruba Raincover B1 Black Small

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Caruba Raincover B1 Black Small
The Caruba Raincover B1 offers protection for your camera and lens against rain, snow, salt, spray, dirt, sand and dust, while allowing easy access to the camera. The Raincover B1 is suitable for SLR and system cameras with a lens up to a length of 25 centimeters.

Maximum protection
The rain cover is made of a lightweight, waterproof, breathable polytricot material. The seams are sealed with tape for maximum protection.

Quick and easy to apply
The Raincover B1 can be applied quickly and easily. By using the straps you adjust the circumference of the cover to the circumference of your lens.

Access to camera and lens
You can operate the camera from the rear and the lens by means of the Velcro closure at the bottom.

Make sure you let the rain cover dry after use before you put it away. Only clean with water, do not put in the washing machine or dryer and certainly do not steam


  • Lightweight, waterproof, breathable polytricot material
  • Velcro closure for tripod, monopod, and manual focus
  • Total length of 55 centimeters
  • Warranty 3 years

In the box

  • 1 x Caruba Raincover B1 Black Small
  • 1 x Storage pouch

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