Falcon Eyes Control Unit CX-18TDX II for RX-18TDX II

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Falcon Eyes


1x Falcon Eyes Control Unit CX-18TDX II (for Falcon Eyes RX-18TDX II LED panel)


The CX-18TDX II from Falcon Eyes is a separate, spare controller that you can use with the flexible, waterproof LED panel RX-18TDX II. With this control unit you can determine the settings of the LED lamp, including the color temperature, the power output or the desired theme effect. You can also use it to control the DMX settings.

This controller has a 4-pin connector. You can connect an extension cable to this (see optional accessories). On the back you can attach an optional Sony V-mount battery. This product only includes a separate controller, so an AC cable or antenna is not included.

Application Falcon Eyes CX-18TDX II

You can use the CX-18TDX II as a spare part or as an extra controller for your Falcon Eyes LED panel RX-18TDX II.

Please note that this controller is not suitable for the RX-18T / RX-18TD or other LED panels from the RX-TDX II series.

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