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Shape Sony A7R3 Cage with DSLR Handle (A73DSH)




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Shape Sony A7R3 Cage with DSLR Handle (A73DSH)


  • Easy-to-use and cleverly designed Cage for the Sony A7R III Mirrorless 4K Digital Camera
  • 100% CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Easy access to all the control buttons, side outputs and battery compartment
  • Easy access to the lens release button
  • HDMI cable protector lock
  • Compatible with the SONY XLR-K2M audio unit
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, no need to remove any parts from the cage
  • Multiple mounting options including (2) two cold shoe mounts on the top of the cage, (13) thirteen SHAPE Standard 1/4"-20 anti-rotating hole patterns, (5) five ARRI Standard 3/8"-16 anti-rotating hole patterns and (2) two 3/8"-16 UNC threaded mounting holes
  • ARRI Standard Rosette that can be mounted in (4) four different locations, compatible with the world-renowned SHAPE Push-Button Handles such as WL-HAND1, WR-HAND1, HAND1
  • Horizontal 15mm Rod Clamp on both sides, allowing the positioning of an Horizontal 15mm Rod on each side of the cage
  • 15mm Rod Indexable Mini Push-Button Wooden Side Handles with Padded Straps are also available L15WH, R15WH (sold separately)
  • The camera is attached with a ¼"-20 captive slotted base screw integrated into the cage. The position is secured with the back and sides of the cage
  • The cage allows the camera to be held securely in place and restricts it from rotating by being attached with (2) two anti-rotating tabs on the front
  • (1) one Cold Shoe Mount DSLR Handle with an ergonomic solid maple wood grip
  • EVF Mount, perfect for attaching the SHAPE 15mm Rod Clamp and Push-Button Arm View Finder Bracket
  • (15) Fifteen ¼"-20 threaded holes with stoppers, perfect for securely attaching the SHAPE Push-Button Arm and operating several camera accessories
  • (2) Two Cold Shoe Brackets located at the front and back of the handle
  • (1) One Cold Shoe Attachment at the bottom to mount the Top Handle onto the camera






CNC Machined Aluminum


in: 7.05 x 6.3 x 6.64     
cm: 17.91 x 16 x 16.87



lbs: 1.46                kg: 0.66




in: 14 x 5 x 4

cm: 35.56 x 12.7 x 10.16



lbs: 1.76           kg:0.80




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