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Shape Sony A7R3 Shoulder Mount (A73SM)




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Shape Sony A7R3 Shoulder Mount (A73SM)
Ergonomic, Lightweight & Compact Cage Design for the Sony A7R III Camera.

• Easy-to-use and cleverly designed Cage for the Sony A7R III Mirrorless 4K Digital Camera
• 100% CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
• Easy access to all the control buttons, side outputs and battery compartment
• Easy access to the lens release button
• HDMI cable protector lock
• Compatible with the SONY XLR-K2M audio unit
• Easy to assemble and disassemble, no need to remove any parts from the cage
• Multiple mounting options including (2) two cold shoe mounts on the top of the cage, (13) thirteen SHAPE Standard 1/4”-20 anti-rotating hole patterns, (5) five ARRI Standard 3/8”-16 anti-rotating hole patterns and (2) two 3/8”-16 UNC threaded mounting holes
• ARRI Standard Rosette that can be mounted in (4) four different locations, compatible with several world-renowned SHAPE Push-Button Handles such as WL-HAND1, WR-HAND1, HAND1
• Horizontal 15mm Rod Clamp on both sides, allowing the positioning of an Horizontal 15mm Rod on each side of the cage
• 15mm Rod Indexable Mini Push-Button Wooden Side Handles with Padded Straps are also available  L15WH, R15WH  (sold separately)
• 18"-long aluminum rods with chamfered ends
• The camera is attached with a 1/4"-20 captive slotted base screw integrated into the cage. The position is secured with the back and sides of the cage
• The cage allows the camera to be held securely in place and restricts it from rotating by being attached with (2) two anti-rotating tabs at the front
• New SHAPE Push-Button Wooden Top Handle (A73ATH) with 360° rotational axis
• Handle designed to let you mount the Sony XLR-K2M audio unit
• Multiple ¼"-20 threaded holes on the New Push-Button Wooden Top Handle
• Height-Adjustable Metabones® Adapter Support Bracket to help reduce the stress on the camera lens mount
• 15mm Rod System specifically designed for the optical center of the Sony A7R III Camera
• Quick Handle Rod Bloc compatible with all 15mm rod systems
• Patented SHAPE Quick Handle Push-Button Technology featuring (2) two handles that can rotate individually on a 360° axis
• Single Red Knob for fast & easy adjustments
• Quick Release Handgrips, enabling 3 points of adjustment
• Ergonomic handles with textured rubber handgrips for stability and precision
• Stainless steel screws and locking mechanism for durability
• Composite Mini Shoulder Pad, perfect for keeping the shoulder pad permanently on a SHAPE rig
• Cushioned Back Pad for comfort and stability
• SHAPE Sliding Rod and ¼"-20 Camera Screw Knob included
• ¼"-20 threaded hole at the back
• Black Powder Coat Paint
• Stainless steel screws to prevent rusting
• CNC machined parts and hard anodized aluminum for resistance

1x Shape A73CAGE
1x Push-Button Wooden Top Handle with 15mm LW Clamp (A73ATH)
1x SHAPE Sony A7R III Quick Release Delta Rod Base System (A73BASE)
2x SHAPE 15mm Rods (18") (15TUBE18)
1x SHAPE Quick Handle Rod Bloc (HAND5)
1x Mini Composite Shoulder Pad (SHPAD3) 
1x Back Pad (PAD1)





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