walimex Product Plates, set of 3

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walimex Product Plates, set of 3
  • perfect for the presentation and photography of your products
  • ideally suitable for your web presence e.g. on eBay and so on
  • very good illumination of your products from all around
  • shootings directly in front of your required setting, cropping is not necessary anymore
  • for all common tripods with 5/8 inch spigot

This set of matt black Product Plates, consisting of 3 pieces, will help you to set your products in the right light. The different sizes ensure, that you always have the right plate for every situation. It will become easier for you to illuminate your objects, because you can approach the object from all sides and you do not need a huge shooting table for a little product. From now on, you can take your pictures directly in front of your desired setting und do not need to crop it anymore. They are suitable for all common tripods with 5/8 inch spigot. Mounted within seconds, they are the ideal assistants for quick and perfect pictures.

Dimensions (Ø/H)approx. 6x12x30cm/5,5cm
Weightapprox. 195g,260g,740g
Max. Load Capacity Ø 30cmapprox. 10kg
Max. Load Capacity Ø 12cmapprox. 4kg
Max. Load Capacity Ø 6cmapprox. 2kg (depending on the load capacity of the used tripod for all plates)
Connection5/8 inch spigot
Material metal, plastic
  • 1x walimex Product Plates, 3 pcs.










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