Benel Optics Tactical Laser Dot RC4

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Benel Optics


Tactical Laser Flashlight RC4; CR123A Battery; Weapon/Riflescope Mount; Pressure Switch


The Benel RC4 Tactical Laser Dot is a specially developed laser dot, which allows you to focus on your target in most dark circumstances. The combination of powerful laser and precise dot enables the RC4 to focus on a target up to a distance of 300 m. The RC4 is equipped with a green laser light, enabling you to easily follow your target in the dark. Animals in the wild cannot see the discrete green laser light and thus, will not be disturbed by the light.


The RC4 is perfect for aiming during hunting or target shooting


The RC4 can be used in temperatures ranging from 10 to 40 C making it ideal for enthusiasts who spend their time in different climates throughout the year. Further, the RC4 is compact and lightweight, ensuring it can easily be mounted onto your riflescope or weapon. The included riflescope ring is suitable for riflescopes with a tube diameter of 25.4 mm.

The Tactical Laser Dot RC4 is a specially developed laser dot. This dot makes it possible in a simple way to aim at your target in the most dark conditions. With the combination of a powerful laser and a very precise dot, this can be done at night up to 600 meters and during the day up to 150 meters. Because the dot consists of green light, it is very easy to follow in the dark. The green laser beam has a wavelength of 532NM which means that the glow / beam is visible.

The Tactical Laser Dot is ideal for aiming during hunting or shooting sports.

As an outdoor enthusiast you will spend the year in different climates, also for this the Tactical Laser Dot RC4 is very suitable. The RC4 can be used in temperatures ranging from -5 °C to 40 °C.
The laser dot is thanks to its compact housing and light weight ideal to mount on a weapon.

Because the Tactical Laser Dot RC4 has a powerful laser it must be prevented that one looks into the Laser Dot. This can lead to serious eye damage.

  •  For use from -5 °C to 40 °C.
  • Very strong microdot
  • To be mounted on your rifle scope or weapon
  • Supplied with mount is suitable for riflescopes with a diameter of 25.4mm
  • Green laser light for optimal visibility at night
  • Size: 36 x 120mm.



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