PTZ видеокамеры - Canon PowerShot Zoom Essential Kit, белый 4838C014 - быстрый заказ от производителя

  • Простая в использовании автоматическая камера
  • Матрица CMOS 1 / 2,3 дюйма с разрешением 11,7 мегапикселя
  • 3-кратный оптический зум (19 - 57 мм)
  • Запись видео FullHD 1920 × 1080 60p
  • Встроенный Wi-Fi и Bluetooth

Canon PowerShot Zoom Essential Kit, белый 4838C014

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Поставка обычно в течении 3 - 7 рабочих дней



When you want to capture life’s precious moments, but also want to be in them, the PowerShot PX is ideal - capturing natural expressions following the action and automatically framing people intelligently and creatively. It documents your precious moments and recommends the best photos and videos for you through the smartphone app.

Introducing your own personal photographer
Trust the PowerShot PX to capture the people and moments in your life, automatically composing photos and video with its pan and tilt lens, while you carry on being in the moment.

Simple, portable design
The PowerShot PX can go anywhere, thanks to USB-C charging and built-in Wi-Fi, which links to your smart device. Want more control? Just ask – it’s voice activated too. Just say, “Hello Pixie, take a picture”, and it’s done, hands free! Four voice commands cover useful functions like taking a video and finding other people to capture.

Smiles. Laughs. All your loved ones’ expressions.
The best photos aren’t always the posed smiles, although they’re always popular. The PowerShot PX captures a huge range of looks and precious reactions that you might not capture.

Works seamlessly with the smartphone app.
Let the Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam recommend the best images and videos. It does the hard work for you, sorting through the great and not-so-great, so you don’t have to.

Use it as a Wireless Webcam
The PowerShot PX also works great as a web cam, using the Wireless Webcam Utility for Mini PTZ Cam, bringing extra ease and usefulness. Get close with this palm-sized 12.1 MP, Full HD superzoom monocular camera kit. Boasting an optical 100mm and 400mm plus a digitally extended 800mm zoom¹, this lightweight, fully auto PowerShot ZOOM is ideal for birdwatching and watching sports as it gets you close to the subject from further away, while also being great for travel. Families will also love this as it's perfect for capturing day-outs. This kit is completed with a 16 GB microSD card allowing you to record high-quality Full HD videos. This kit also includes an 20-Watt USB type-C charging adapter² for fast charging that also helps protect the battery life of the PowerShot ZOOM.

A pocket-sized PowerShot that always gets you close
Get closer on family adventures or when capturing action or faraway wildlife. The 3-step zoom with great optical magnification will allow you to catch those distant moments.

A sure and steady view. Always
Record in Full HD or take great 12 megapixel stills with barely any blur thanks to the built in Optical Image Stabilizer which reduces eye fatigue with the bright 2.36 MP viewfinder.

Uniquely portable. Uniquely discreet
With its exceptionally small size, USB-C charging and generous operating time, it’s ideal to put in your pocket or on your wrist for those must-not-miss family or wildlife moments.

Instinctive control
With full auto mode for convenience, the camera extends your view in beautiful simplicity. See clearly through a bright viewfinder and easily change basic settings in the simple menu.

Connect and share your experiences
Share the live view from the camera and save memories via the Canon Camera Connect app. Additionally, link with Wi-Fi and geotag your images through Bluetooth® to your smartphone.

Use comfortably for long periods of time
The EVF is designed for comfortable operation over long periods of use. The adjustable dioptre makes it even suitable for those who would need certain prescription glasses.
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