Desktop phone stand Joyroom JR-ZS371(black) JR-ZS371 Black

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JR-ZS371 Black


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Joyroom JR-ZS371 telescoping phone stand (black).

JR-ZS371 is a telescopic stand whose height you can adjust as you like - 103mm is the maximum length to which the stand leg can extend. The dimensions of both planes of the stand are 113 x 70mm - when folded, the stand is 27mm thick. Inside its base there is a metal plate, which ensures the stability of the device. Thanks to the folding shelf, you can place, for example, a phone or a console, but you can also lean a larger device like a tablet against the stand.


Adjustable height

The JR-ZS371 offers unrestricted height adjustment, up to an impressive 103 mm. This means you can adjust the stand to fit a variety of devices and situations - from watching movies to video conferencing.



Thanks to the sturdy metal plate in the stands base, you can be sure of your devices stability. Whether you put your phone, tablet or something larger on it, the JR-ZS371 will hold it securely in place.


Expandable shelf

The stand is equipped with a practical fold-out shelf. Its ideal if you need space for additional accessories, such as headphones, chargers or small notebooks. Use it to keep your desk organized.


Matching devices

This stand is versatile and compatible. You can use it for devices ranging in size from 4 to 12.9 inches. This means it fits most smartphones, tablets and other gadgets you own.


Solid construction

Joyroom, known for its durable and practical accessories, also provides the JR-ZS371. Made of high-quality PC ABS materials, the stand is lightweight yet durable for long-term use.


Set contents

  • stand
MaterialPC ABS
Dimensions of the stand base113 x 70 x 27mm
Height of unfolded stand103mm max
Fits devices4-12.9 inches

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