walimex pro Reflector Holder with Clamp, 44-150cm

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Walimex pro


walimex pro Reflector Holder with Clamp, 44-150cm
  • Holder for foldable reflectors from approx. 44-150cm diameter
  • thanks to convenient Clamp with 5/8 spigot connection also mountable on tripods, rods, table plates, etc.
  • telescopic rod made of aluminium provides stepless adjustments
  • handle with rubber foam guarantees sturdy and secure holding
  • incl. convenient carrying bag

What sometimes seems quite difficult, becomes as easy as pie with the right accessory. Such as the correct light influence with reflectors when you assistant is not aside. The walimex pro Reflector Holder put things right on a very easy and convenient way. And packed in a carrying bag, we also guarantee a flexible transportation.

The combination out of high-quality materials such as aluminium, metal and foam rubber does not only provide stability, but also mobility, which you need in your daily photographic work. The aluminium rod, which can be extended to approx. 130cm, is equipped with a movable reflector holder, in which you can insert foldable reflectors from 44cm to max. 150cm diameter. Thanks to the convenient clamp with 5/8 spigot, you can attach the sophisticated aid to tripods (through the spigot) or to rods, table plates or similar with 6cm thickness. Therewith you can use your reflectors everywhere.

Max. Lengthapprox. 180cm
Clamping Rangeapprox. 44-150cm
Weightapprox. 1300g
Materialaluminium (rod), metal (clamp), foam rubber (handle)
  • 1x walimex pro Reflector Holder with Clamp, incl. convenient carrying bag


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