Falcon Eyes Diffuse Cloth RX-120SB for RX-120TDX

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Falcon Eyes


1x Diffusor RX-120SB


The RX-120SB from Falcon Eyes is a diffusion cloth which was specially developed for the RX-120TDX from Falcon Eyes. You will receive this diffusion cloth standard with the RX-120TDX, but it is now also possible to order the diffusion cloth separately. The dimensions are 120 x 120 cm.

Application RX-120SB

When you want to soften the light in photo and video productions with the RX-120TDX, the RX-120SB is the perfect accessory. The light quality remains the same, but the light creates softer shadows. This allows you to focus the light on the person for portrait shots and interviews and make the picture look more natural. The diffusion cloth is fastened with elastic bands around all corners.

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