Linkstar Octabox Ш140 cm + Honeycomb Grid LQA-OSB140HC

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Octabox; Honeycomb Grid
1x Octabox; 1x Honeycomb Grid

The Linkstar LQA-OSB140HC Octabox + Honeycomb Grid has a diameter of 140 cm and can be mounted on your studio flash unit with the included speed ring. The octabox is lined with a silver reflective material, which ensures a high return of light and sufficient reflection.


The LQA-OSB140HC is supplied with a detachable honeycomb grid, which can be used to direct the light. Further, the octabox is equipped with heat resistant material, making it suitable for use with studio flash units and continuous lighting solutions.


The LQA-OSB140HC is complete with a standard Linkstar speed ring, which is compatible with Bowens, StudioKing, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe, and Aurora studio flash units. By using an additional speed ring adapter, the LQA-OSB140HC is also compatible with Falcon Eyes, Broncolor, Elichrom, Hensel and Multiblitz studio flash units. To view these speed ring adapter rings, please see the optional accessories tab below.


*The following link provides an explanation of how to set up your octabox: How to set up an Octabox

Тип софтбоксаOctabox восьмигранный
Соты для софтбоксовЕсть
Совместимость адаптераBowens

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