Bresser SS-35 Super Tiefe Parabolic Softbox 120cm

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The BRESSER SS-35 Softbox has a depth of 80 cm and so it creates a softer and more consistent lighting than normal softboxes.

The softbox is stretched by 16 rods. The  softboxes  from  BRESSER  are of very good quality. The  softbox  has a completely black encasement with a  translucent white cloth  at the front. You receive a beautiful, uniform and smooth illumination, because the  softbox  is pretty deep and the light source with an  inner diffuser  in front of it lies very far in the back. 

Thanks to the S-Bayonet speed ring, the softbox is compatible with studio flashes of the Bowens  type. Moreover, there are cheap adapter rings available, so you can also use Elinchrom, Multiblitz, Broncolor or Hensel flashes.

  • deep softbox
  • sturdy speed ring
  • compatible with all Bresser, Menik, Bowens studio flashes
  • without adapter ring also suitable for flashes with S-Bayonet adapter
  • 360 degrees rotatable
  • compact folding
  • hook-and-pile fastener at the exterior
  • deep softbox 120 cm diameter
  • 16x fastening rods
  • speedring Bresser, Menik, Bowens
  • outer and inner diffuser
  • bag
Вид продуктаСофтбокс
Тип софтбоксаParabolic
Совместимость адаптераBowens

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