Walimex pro Pop-Up Light Cube 120x120x120cm

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  • ideal for product photography, e.g. glass and chinaware
  • optimal for pictures, which should be cropped
  • suitable for digital and analogue photography
  • with convenient pop-up technique
  • incl. background cloth in black, red and blue as well as convenient carrying bag
  • ... better sales through better pictures!

Do you want to take professional pictures from your products? Then this Light Cube is the ideal assistant. It is suited for digital and analogue photography and provides a shadow-free illumination and soft light from all sides. It is the perfect choice, when you need to crop your objects later on and excellent for taking pictures of chinaware, glass, decoration and so on.
You do not need any photographic knowledge. With some simple steps you will get product photographies as from a professional photograph.

General information

Field of Application Product Photography
Material Synthetic fibre
Width 1800mm
Weight 110g
Length 1000mm
Product Color White


Girth 1757mm
Height of Packaging 100mm
Length of Packaging 519mm
Weight incl. Packaging 3049g
Width of Packaging 519mm
Световые кубыСредние (90-150)

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