Deity Pocket Wireless Mobile Kit

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Deity Pocket Wireless Mobile Kit

  • Voice Enhancing Noise Cancellation
  • +5Hrs of Battery Life
  • Digital Audio via USB-C
  • Long-Range Transmission up to 50m
  • Locking Lavalier Input
  • 7 Volume Steps
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Custom phone clip and tabletop tripod

The Deity Pocket Wireless Mobile Kit takes our entry-level wireless system and pairs it with the most powerful camera you carry, your smartphone. Plug the Pocket Wireless receiver into your phone’s USB-C port and that’s it. Android Apps like Filmic Pro, the default camera app, and TikTok all work with USB-C audio devices. Our specially designed phone clamp allows for you to mount both a wireless audio receiver and a LED light to your phone at the same time. And the included tabletop tripod folds up and becomes a sturdy handle for vlogging.

With the Pocket Wireless Mobile Kit your can turn your smartphone into an on-the-go YouTube/TikTok production studio. Going LIVE on social will never be the same.

Delivery Content
• Wireless Microphone System
• USB-C to 3.5mm Microphone Cable
• USB-C to USB-C Digital Audio Cable
• USB-C to Type-A Charging Cable
• Lavalier w/ Foam Windscreen
• Fur Windscreen
• USB-C Firmware Update Adapter
• Mobile Phone Clamp
• Tabletop Tripod with Ball Head
• Shockproof Semi-Rigid Carrying Case


Transmission Type
RF Output Power
Up to 65m
Gain Range
Up To +21 dB
Signal Processing
Guard Rail™ Analog Limiter
Audio Input
3.5mm Locking Mic Input
Audio Output
Adaptive TRRS (Mobile) Adaptive TRRS (Camera) USB-C (Mobile / Laptop) USB-Type A (Laptop / PC)
Input Mic Power
Frequency Response
Built-In Microphone 20Hz – 20kHz Lavalier 50Hz – 20kHZ
Lavalier SPL
Lavalier SNR
≥67dB SPL
Battery Type
Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Charging Input
Internal Battery Capacity
RX – 400 mAh TX – 400 mAh
Approx. Battery Life
+5 Hours
Battery Charge Time
75 Minutes
Screen Size
~0.96” OLED Display
RX – 33.2 * 55.1 * 20.1mm TX – 33.2 * 55.1 * 20.1mm
RX – 34g TX – 31g


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