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Sachtler System FSB 10 FT




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Sachtler System FSB 10 FT

Speed is an important part of modern broadcasting and filming. The FSB 10 Fluid Head provides a great solution for news, documentaries, wildlife and any shoot where you need quick stability and durable reliability. Designed to accommodate digital cinema cameras like the Sony FS7 and Canon C500, the head has a sliding range of 120 mm. The fluid head has a 100 mm bowl interface for quick tripod mounting and an illuminated bubble level lets you level easily, even in poor light conditions. Frictionless leak-proof fluid drag with five levels of adjustment, while a zero setting and tilt drag control means you can completely disengage drag for fast, seamless panning in every movement.

For shoots where you need to balance quick setup, easy transport, support and stability, the Sachtler flowtech® 100 Carbon Fibre Tripod is a valuable addition to your gear. The unique design gives each leg individual adjustment while releasing and locking together, meaning setting up on any surface is as easy as releasing a catch. The ergonomic design makes the tripod light and comfortable to carry, no matter where your creativity takes you.

Weighing only 3.4 kg, the Sachtler flowtech® 100 with rubber feet can support a payload of up to 30 kg and extend to a maximum height of 153 cm. This versatility and flexibility are matched by high levels of stability so you can be sure that you’ll always be able to get the shot you are looking for. When you are ready to move on, the legs all lock together with a single mechanism to save you even more time and energy.

Delivery Content
• FSB 10
• Padded bag ENG
• Tripod flowtech®100 with rubber feet

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