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Spiral 125 W daylight lamp with E27 thread
  • Spiral bulb for continuous exposure in the photo studio
  • 5 times higher light output than normal light bulbs
  • Energy-saving, durable, low heat generation
  • Lamp length: 27.8 cm, weight: 340 g
  • Colour temperature of 5500 K

Bresser JDD-6 Spiral Daylight lamp E27/125W

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BRESSER JDD-6  is a  spiral bulb  with a  daylight colour temperature  of  5500K .

This  bulb  fits into an  E27 standard thread  and is meant for  continuous use  in the studio. The  light output  may be multiplied with a  factor of 5x  compared to the light output of an ordinary bulb. In addition it is  energy saving, long lasting  and doesn't warm up during use.

Fluorescence = light output
26W = 125W
30W = 150W
35W = 175W
40W = 200W
55W = 275W
85W = 425W
105W = 525W
125W = 625W

  • energy savings of up to 80 %
  • low operating temperature
  • E27 thread
  • durable (8000 burning hours)
  • no noise and no flickering
  • spiral daylight lamp E27 socket (125W)
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