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1x Flash umbrella (black and diffuse-white/transparent);1x Tilting bracket with hot shoe and spigot;1x Tripod (90-203 cm);1x Carrying case

StudioKing Strobist Kit with Light Stand KBW-80

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The KBW-80 by StudioKing is a complete strobist set that comes with a flash umbrella, tripod, carrying case and tiltable bracket. With this set you can create the most beautiful portraits by using a camera flash (speedlite), which is separate from your camera.

What accessories are included and what can I do with them?
Four accessories are included in this set, including a flash umbrella. It has a diameter of 64 cm. The umbrella has both a black and a transparent (diffuse-white) side. The black umbrella allows you to reflect the flash light, while the transparent, diffuse-white side allows you to flash through, so the light is more diffused. You place your camera flash on the hot shoe and attach the umbrella in the tilting bracket. With the tilting mechanism you can set it to the right angle.

Via the spigot connection you can place the set on the included tripod, or on any other common light stand. The included tripod consists of three sections and has a length of 90cm (min. height) to 203cm (max. height). Finally, you also receive a carrying bag, in which you can easily take everything with you.

How do I control the external strobe?
With this strobist set you work with an external flash. You can control this by working with transmitters and receivers. For this you can use the optional available trigger sets from Pixel. With this trigger, you give your camera flash remotely the signal to flash.

Application StudioKing KBW-80

As the name suggests, you can use this set for strobist photography. Strobist is wireless flashing with one or more speedlite flash units that are separate from your camera. The subject in strobist photography is usually a model, but you can also use it for interior or nature photography for example. Because the set is lightweight and comes with a carrying case, it is also ideal for use on location.

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