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2 x Lamp Holder LHER-2040; 2 x ш 19.5cm Reflector; 2 x 40W Spiral Lamp; 2 x LS-804 Stand (2m)

Falcon Eyes Daylight Set LHK-240

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Falcon Eyes

New product

Dienasgaismu komplekts paredzēts amatieriem un entuziastiem. Krāsu temperatūra 5300K.

Komplektā ietilpst:

  • 2x lampu turētāji LHER-2040;
  • 2x 19,5cm reflektori;
  • 2x 40W spirālveida spuldzes;
  • 2x statīvi (2m).

This product photo set is ideal for photographing products. The light is reflected inside the tent, in this way it seems to come from all sides. This causes no reflections in objects that usually cause reflections such as glass. The daylight lamps are supplied with a tripod. The light is 5600K, which gives a neutral illumination. With this set you can take pictures for your webshop.

The reflector is fixed on the 40W spiral lamp (low-energy lamp).

Only a 40W spiral lamp will fit in the reflector.

Light dimmingnon dimmable

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