To avoid misusage and damage to the purchased product, we strongly recommend You to get familiar with the bundled manual before using it.

  • Every purchased product has a manufacturer warranty of minimum 2 years starting from the moment of purchase.
  • Warranty for legal entities is 1 year long.
  • Manufacturer warranty is valid if You are able to provide:
    • A document that proves your purchase – receipt, invoice, etc.;
    • warranty card from the manufacturer or supplier (if it was provided by the manufacturer/supplier).

  • Manufacturer warranty is NOT valid if:
    • the product has it’s seal and/or serial number damaged, also if You tried to repair the product by your own means;
    • non-compliant power supplies and accessories that have not been certified by the manufacturer for use with a particular product, and that caused the fault were used;
    • damage was caused by elements (flood, storm, lightning, fire, earthquake);
    • damage was caused by foreign objects, liquids or insects entering the product;
    • malfunction was caused by incompatibility of input voltage / communications / networks to the specific products standarts, vibrations, electric current temperature, as well as other domestic and outdoor factors (ashes, smoke, dust, fluid);
    • mandatory scheduled maintenance was not carried out (only for those products that require it);

  • Warranty does not cover supplementary product accessories, power cells (batteries, accumulators), as well as accessories with a limited usage resource (fuses, headphones, microphones, etc.).
  • Before turning your product in to service, take care of your personal data. Service center does not hold responsible for safety of any user data, so be sure to make backup copies beforehand.
  • In case your purchased product is damaged or malfunctioning, you have the following options:
    • go to the service center specified in your warranty card (don’t forget to take a purchase proving document and the warranty card with you);
    • visit our store located at F. Sadovnikova 39 on working days from 10.00 till 18.00 (don’t forget to take a purchase proving document and the warranty card with you);
  • call us: +371 67704396, mobile (LMT) +371 29490777 – we will hear you out and advise the most suitable option for you.

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