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  • for Sony E
  • specially designed for APS-C
  • extremely fast 1:1.2 lens
  • ideal for portrait and landscape shoots
  • soft bokeh effect
  • compact build
  • inner focussing
  • manual focussing
  • multi-coated glass lenses, including aspheric lenses

Versatile video focal length with a fast lens
With a focal length of 50, the compact video lens is compatible with mirrorless cameras and is suitable, above all, for portrait and landscape shoots. Shoots in low light conditions or images requiring a shallow depth of field can be produced thanks to a fast lens speed of F1:1.2. With its full frame picture angle of approx. 31°, this lens achieves distortion-free images, giving a natural perspective. The aperture can be infinitely adjusted from 1.2 to 16 and focussing is gentle and smooth.

High-quality optics
The lens has an eight-blade aperture, producing an almost circular opening, to than at attractive bokeh effect can be produced. Particularly high-quality optical construction made from 9 multi-coated glass lenses achieves amazing images. The 2 aspheric lenses also correct chromatic aberrations amazingly well. A lens hood prevents lateral incident stray light and lens reflections, and can be removed if necessary. The sturdy lens uses inner-focussing, but this does not affect the length of the lens system. Focussing is manual.

Focal length APS-C
The walimex pro 50/1.2 CSC is specially designed for APS-C sensors and for Canon M, Fuji X, Sony E and MFT connectors.

General information

Weight 575g
Length 75mm


Field of Application Portrait, Low Light Photography
Field of Application Lens Journey, Portrait
Bayonet E
Range of Application Photo
Developed for APS-C
Suitable for Sensor APS-C
Manufacturer Sony
Camera Model Sony NEX-5T, Sony NEX-3N, Sony NEX-6, Sony NEX-5R, Sony NEX-5N, Sony A3000, Sony A5000, Sony A5100, Sony A6000, Sony A6300
Lens Speed 1:1,2
Type Standard
Category Standared
Number of Aperture Slats 8
Angle of View 75°
Lens Diameter 81,6mm
Filter Diameter 77mm
Internal Focusing No
Lenses / Groups 9 / 6
Lens connection Sony E
Usage Video


Girth 616mm
Height of Packaging 122mm
Length of Packaging 126mm
Weight incl. Packaging 419g
Width of Packaging 123mm

Lenses - walimex pro 50/1,2 APS-C Sony E - quick order from manufacturer

Lenses - walimex pro 50/1,2 APS-C Sony E - quick order from manufacturer

Lenses - walimex pro 50/1,2 APS-C Sony E - quick order from manufacturer

Lenses - walimex pro 50/1,2 APS-C Sony E - quick order from manufacturer

Lens focus length, mm50
Product typeLenses
Lens typestandart
Lens zoom typefiksēts
Compatible withSony
Camera mountSony E
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