Light Cubes - Linkstar Photo Box Kit PBK-50 50x50 cm Foldable + 2x50W lamps - quick order from manufacturer

Light Box; 2 x Continuous Lamp 50W on tripod legs; Camera Stand PSH-SS; 1 x Blue Synthetic Background Cloth; 1 x White Synthetic Background Cloth

Linkstar Photo Box Kit PBK-50 50x50 cm Foldable + 2x50W lamps

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This foldable light box is ideal for photographing small products, for instance for placing pictures on your website or advertisements on for instance Ebay. The light box is foldable and easy to take along on location.


The diffuse material is very suitable for minimizing reflections and spreads the light equally. The material of the light box gives a neutral colour temperature. The power of the lamps is 50W and the colour temperature is 3200K. The light box is suitable for products such as glass, synthetics, jewellery, watches, ceramics and electronics.


This set is also available as a 40 x 40 cm variant: the Falcon Eyes Foldable Photo Box PBK-40.

Light Cube sizeMini Cubes (up to 90cm)

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