walimex pro Power Station GX

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walimex pro

New product

  • portable power supply for mobile power
  • with powerful 750 W lasting output
  • up to 2,000 flashes per flash head
  • 3 power connectors
  • 3 USB connectors
  • Lithium-ion exchangeable power pack

  • easy to switch between permanent and flash power, as required
  • incl. smart partitioned transport bag
  • Our advice: Order additional batteries at the same time!

Power supply everywhere, all the time
On location photography is becoming increasingly popular – with our walimex pro power station GX with exchangeable batteries, it is the easiest and more effective solution for having power on location . With the Power Station GX by walimex pro, you do not depend on the mains supply, and are therefore well-prepared at all times. You can also rely on the walimex pro power station for leisure and when you're on holiday.

Compact power pack
The new walimex pro power station GX weighs only 6.2 kg and is therefore much lighter than comparable solutions. Thanks to the high capacity of the lithium ion battery, it is possible, for example, to trigger 3 compatible 300 W devices to flash 1,200 times at full output. In addition to three 220 V power connectors, the power station GX also has 3 USB connectors via which smartphones, tablet and other small devices can be charged.
Two modes are available on the power station. If you are working with flash, the flash mode is used. In this mode, the power saving function is deactivated, and the battery will last for a maximum of 20 hours, regardless of the device used. In normal mode, the energy saving function is activated and the battery will last for up to 100 hours. In this mode, it is not possible to work with flash devices.

Easy to use
The power station clearly shows the current operating conditions, such as, for example, whether it is ready to charge. A cooling fan prevents overheating, thereby ensuring safety and durability. It takes approx. 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the device. The power pack is stowed in the transport bag designed especially for it. Flaps on the sides give easy access to the controls. The cables and the power supply are well stowed away and clearly visible in the large number of compartments and outer pockets. Weighing 6.2 kg, you will be impressed with this amazing power device.

General information

Product Type mobile power supply, power station
Product Color Black
Length 260mm
Width 230mm
Height 300mm
Weight 6850g


Max. Endurance 750Watt
Voltage supply AC 220 - 240 V 50-60 Hz, DC 11 - 15,5 V via power supply
USB-Slots 3
Capacity incl. Battery 12000mAh
Charger included Yes
Battery Model included in Scope of Supply walimex pro power battery GX- fьr power station GX
Battery included in Scope of Supply 1 pcs
Compatible Battery Models walimex pro power battery GX - for power station GX
Charging Time Approx. 3-4h
Protection for Flash & Lamp 1x 100A
Energy Effectiveness 91%
Output Voltage AC 220 - 240 V 50-60 Hz
Charging Voltage DC 11-15,5 (external Power Supply Unit)
Weight incl. Battery 6850g
Usage permanent light Yes


Capacity 12000mAh
Tension 12,8V
Energy Performance (Wh) 153,6Wh
Battery Type lithium-iron phosphate
Length Battery 260mm
Width Battery 210mm
Height Battery 100mm
Weight Battery 3550g
Compatible battery mount proprietary battery


Girth 1737mm
Height of Packaging 377mm
Length of Packaging 375mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 8819g
Width of Packaging 303mm
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