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  • Honeycomb with doors and four colour filters
  • for hair light, effect light and for accentuating
  • brings more brilliance into your pictures
  • is simply mounted on standard reflectort
  • suitable for all reflectors with 18cm diameter

The barn doors for the walimex standard reflector help you limit the light of your studio flashgun on the motive or background so that it is only appears where you need it. This exclusive light former is especially suitable for product, portrait or e.g. also nude photography. The barn doors are foldable in a 180° angle using hinges. The surface is coated matt black against reflections.

The honeycomb fixture also provides straight-line directed lighting and the colour filter included in delivery (red, blue, yellow and green) leaves room for individual preferences regarding effects and colour variations thanks to its combinability. The barn doors can be used on all standard reflectors with 18 cm diameters.

Dimensions (HxW)approx. 19x19cm
Dimensions open (HxW)approx. 40x40xcm
Filter/Honeycomb (Ø)approx. 18cm
Total Weightapprox.  890g
Material metal
  • 1x walimex Barndoors/Honeycombs/Colour Filter Set, contains barndoors with a honeycomb and each one of a colour filter in red, blue, green and yelllow

Effect with Barn Doors


Effect with Standard reflector

Reflectors - walimex Barndoors/Honeycombs/Colour Filter Set - quick order from manufacturer

Reflectors - walimex Barndoors/Honeycombs/Colour Filter Set - quick order from manufacturer

Reflectors - walimex Barndoors/Honeycombs/Colour Filter Set - quick order from manufacturer

Adapter includedBowens
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