Newell LED ring light KIT RL-18A – WB (3200 K – 5500 K)

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Newell RL-18A LED lamp is an excellent device that can be used in portrait, product or macro photography. Those recording video blogs will appreciate its capabilities. Perfectly soft light and the ability to adjust the color temperature will also be interesting for professionals.

The Newell ring lamp is fitted with a diffuser to give you a pleasant, soft light without the need for additional accessories. The light output and colour temperature can be infinitely adjusted by means of knobs. This allows you to perfectly adjust the light to the existing conditions.

Sophisticated design

Thanks to its specific design, the ring lamp ensures an even light distribution. The construction of the lamp allows it to be mounted on a lighting tripod using a built-in bracket. The construction of the adapter also allows to adjust the angle of inclination of the panel plane.

Ready to use

The set with the lamp includes a power supply, a tripod, a ball head and a smartphone holder, i.e. all the elements necessary to work. Thanks to this, the device is ready to use right after unpacking.

Power supply possibilities

The Newell RL-18A LED lamp power supply is provided by the included DC 15 V mains adapter.

The Newell brand has been in business for many years and has a long list of satisfied customers, both among professionals and amateurs of photography.


  • CRI: >90
  • lux: max. 5200 (on 1 m)
  • maximum power: 55 W
  • the color temperature: 3200/5500 K ( -/+ 300 K)
  • power supply: DC 15 V mains adapter (supplied)
  • installation: on a lighting tripod (included in the scope of delivery)
  • type of cooling: natural ventilation
  • dimensions (mm): 485
  • weight: 1085 g

Set contents

  • Newell LED lamp RL-18A
  • Operating instructions
  • Tripod
  • DC 15 V mains adapter
  • Smartphone holder
  • Tripod head
  • Lamp case
Size of Fill Light48.5 cm
LED lights color temperatureBi-color
Product groupStudio Lighting
Light dimmingdimmable

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