walimex pro VC-400 Excellence Studio Flash

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walimex pro VC-400 Excellence Studio Flash
  • Premium Studio Flash for professional users
  • flash power 400 Ws, controllable from 1/1 – 1/32
  • integrated 2.4 GHz receiver with 16 channels, controllable by an optionally available radio remote trigger and therefore ideal for the use of ceiling rail systems
  • extremely short recharging times
  • suitable for tough continuous use
  • flash power and modelling lamp (150W) infinitely, separately and proportionally controllable
  • very quite forced-air cooling
  • practical bayonet lock
  • user-friendly control panel, LED-display
  • plug-in flash tube

For professional users with high demands
The new walimex pro series of VC Excellence studio flashes is ideal for professional users with high demands on their studio equipment and therefore also suitable for tough continuous use. They unite the advantages of our well proven VC series with additional new top features, which enable even more professional working. Our VC Excellence studio flashes are available with with flash power ratings of 300 WS, 400 Ws, 500 Ws, 600 Ws and 1000 Ws.

Integrated receiver with 16 channels
The highlights of this series include the built in 2.4 GHz receiver with 16 channels and 4 groups. When used with several flashes, each flash can thereby be separately controlled - for higher flexibility. All settings, like flash power or modelling light, can be conveniently made via the separately available radio remote trigger, but also by using the clearly arranged and user-friendly control panel on the flash itself. The power can be regulated from 1/1 to 1/32 and is, just like the 150W modelling light, infinitely and proportionally adjustable, whereby the light power can be exactly adapted to the prevailing lighting conditions. All settings are perfectly readable on the LED-display. The flash can be triggered via a Sync Cord, the built-in photo cell, via the test button or via the additionally available convenient radio remote trigger. A very strong cooling fan protects against failure caused by overheating.

Extremely short recharging times
Apart from that, the series VC Excellence also convinces with a higher flash factor and shorter recharging times, which also enables successive flashing in short intervals without any problems. The studio flash comes with a convenient bayonet connection and an integrated umbrella holder.

VC-300 ExcellenceVC-400 ExcellenceVC-500 ExcellenceVC-600 ExcellenceVC-1000 Excellence
Flash output300Ws400Ws500Ws600Ws1000Ws
Flash factor (2m/ISO 100)60707886106
Outputfull to 1/32 infinitely
Recharging time0.2~0.9s0.2~1.0s0.2~1.1s0.2~1.3s0.2~2.0s
Flash duration1/800 ~ 1/1200
Modelling lamp150 W150 W250W250W250W
Type of triggeringPhoto cell, synch cord, test button
Colour temperature5600 K±200 K
Flash tube“plug- in”, exchangeable by user
Triggering current5V
Cooling fanYes
Autom. dischargeYes
Electric power supplyAC 220-240V/50Hz
Fine fuse6.3A
AccessoriesProtection cap, reflector, mains cable (4m), Sync Cord (4m), modelling light
Weight2.5 kg2.5kg2.8kg2.8kg3.3kg
Dimensions (without reflector)30 × 13 × 13 cm30 × 13 × 13 cm32 × 13 × 13 cm32 × 13 × 13 cm36 × 13 × 13 cm
  • 1x walimex pro VC-400 Excellence studio flash with gloss reflector, modelling light, mains cable (4 m), Sync Cord (4 m), flash tube, protection cap
Speedlite controlmanuāla
Power Watt400
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