walimex pro Basic Set for GoPro

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walimex pro


  • Basic-set, ideal for entering into the sphere of professional filming with GoPro
  • with innovative Aptaris cage system inclusive handle
  • possibility for mounting accessories
  • incl dimmable Video fluorescent light
  • with Swivel arm

The Basic Set for the GoPro is ideal for entering into the sphere of professional filming with the GoPro. The vast amount of ј inch threads in the Aptaris Cage, which exactly fits the GoPro, gives you the opportunity to mount useful accessories all around the Cage. This way the Aptaris handle can also be flexibly mounted. The dimmable walimex pro LED video lamp is already included in the set and enables professional filming even under poor light conditions.

walimex pro Aptaris GoPro
walimex pro Aptaris GoPro Hero has been specially developed for GoPro Hero 2 and 3 and thereby matches the camera by 100 %. Aptaris is thereby fastened to the GoPro housing with just a flick of the wrist and is then ready for any use in action.
Aptaris not only offers you additional protection for your GoPro, but, with its large number of 1/4 inch threads and the 2 3/8 inch threads, also enables the attachment of accessories on all sides. For exciting perspectives or near ground level filming you can also attach a handle - either from underneath, at the top or at the sides. Aptaris gives you highest flexibility, irrespective of the type of use. Due to the outstanding fitting accuracy you still have unrestricted access to all control elements.
And another special highlight: The GoPro housing can be opened and the camera removed, without having to dismount the cage system.
Developed in cooperation with the German manufacturer SIX, Aptaris convinces with highest accuracy in workmanship, outstanding material properties and well thought-out engineering. Continuous quality inspections ensure premium quality and extreme longevity, even under highest loads in permanent use. This is supported by exceptional material properties: Aptaris is made of extremely light aircraft aluminium and stainless steel. With its weight of only 110 g, Aptaris GoPro is very comfortable in use and also very stable. Thanks to the black anodizing Aptaris additionally scores with its noble design. Handle with L-angle included.

walimex pro Swivel Arm Magic
The walimex pro Swivel Arm is a multifunctional, flexible helper that should not be missing in any studio. The bracket, which is 28cm long, is equipped with three joints, two of which come with high-quality ball joints. This allows you to realize individual positions. The central locking wheel in the middle of the hinged bracket is particularly convenient, as it allows you to adjust and lock all three joints at the same time according to your requirements. You are also flexible redarding your connection options. Two 1/4 inch screws with thread adapter and flash shoe adapter are at your disposal.
The Swivel Arm also offers flexibility in its use: it is ideal for the use with DSLR rigs and dollies. With it, you can attach video accessories such as video lights, monitors or microphones to your rig or dolly. The joints allow you to arrange the hinged bracket as needed.
Additionally, the hinged bracket can be used on shooting tables, in order to realize unusual positions, or for unique perspectives on tripods and autopoles. The high quality materials ensure the necessary stability.

walimex pro LED Vidoe Fluorescent Light
The Video Fluorescent Light from walimex presents itself as compact and self-confident device, which convinces every hobby filmer and videographers with its 80 powerful LED.
The Video Light, which will be operated through 5 AA-batteries, is ideally suitable for all camcorders and video cameras. The 80 steplessly dimmable LED provide a high light output and therewith the necessary brightness for insufficient ambient light. This is particularly convenient for shootings in the dark or inadequate lighted rooms. Thus, you do not need to fear badly illuminated films anymore!
The Fluorescent Light can not only be used in portrait and landscape format, but it is also flexibly extendable through the sophisticated construction. The device, which will be mounted through the flash shoe, can be connected with other video lights and then e.g. upgraded to a bigger fluorescent light. Furthermore, we offer optionally available mounting brackets, on which you can mount the Video Light in certain positions and in connection with several lamps. Therewith you can realize the plus in brightness. The Video Fluorescent Light is enduced with a 1/4 inch thread and have 580 lux.

1x walimex pro DSLR Gelenkarm Swivel Arm Magic 18

General information

Weight 195g
Length 180mm
Material Aluminium
Product Color Black


Max. Capacity 2kg
Made in Germany No
modular system Yes


Girth 288mm
Height of Packaging 39mm
Length of Packaging 180mm
Weight incl. Packaging 209g
Width of Packaging 70mm

1x walimex pro LED Foto Video Leuchte LED 80B dimmbar

General information

Product Type LED Photo-Video lamp
Material Synthetic material
Product Color Black
Length 95mm
Height 82mm
Depth 30mm
Weight 164g


Lamp LED
Number of LEDs 80
Performance 7W
Dimmable Yes
Brightness continuously variable dimmable Yes
Colour Temperature 5600 ± 300K
Color Temperature adjustable No, Yes by color filter, included in scope of supply
colour rendering index Ra >=90Ra
Illumination Angle 60°
Luminosity Daylight 0,5 m 2300Lux
Luminosity Daylight 1 m 580Lux
Luminosity Daylight 2m 145Lux
Width Light Area 78mm
Height light area 65mm
Battery Status Indicator 4stepped а 25%
Body material Plastic
Flaps included in scope of supply No
Operating Voltage 7,5 V
battery mounts at the device 5x AA Batteries
Tansportation bag, Lamp included No
Voltage supply AA batteries
Connection Mount Hot Shou Mounting adjustable, 1/4 inch
diffusordiscs are included with delivery Yes, warmshade orange, daylight


Girth 442mm
Height of Packaging 50mm
Length of Packaging 219mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 326g
Width of Packaging 146mm

1x walimex pro Aptaris fьr GoPro Hero

General information

Cage Compatibility GoPro
incl. handle Yes
system Cage
Width 93mm
Weight 110g
Height 84mm
Material Aircraft-aluminium
Product Color Black
Depth 37mm
rattle clamp No


modular system Yes


Girth 421mm
Height of Packaging 71mm
Length of Packaging 122mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 219g
Width of Packaging 104mm

1x walimex pro Aptaris Handgriff (inkl. L-Winkel)

General information

Material Aluminium anodised
Product Color Black
Length 120mm
Weight 146g
Width 53mm
Compatible with Aptaris Yes


Made in Germany Yes


Girth 248mm
Height of Packaging 19mm
Length of Packaging 143mm
Weight incl. Packaging 300g
Width of Packaging 70mm


Girth 1360mm
Height of Packaging 150mm
Length of Packaging 440mm
Weight incl. Packaging 1054g
Width of Packaging 310mm
Вид аксессуаракомплекты
Совместимы с камерамиvecākām GoPro

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