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The Modification Frame (AKA the Modi Frame) is the new and improved diffusion/modification system for the Lume Cube. Firmly press the Modi Frame to the front of your Lume Cube and you are ready to adjust your Lume Cube's color temperature, diffusion level, beam angle, and shape with our line of diffusers, gels, and modifiers (sold separately).

Made with a full metal frame, diffusion and modification accessories can be stacked and mounted in any direction and they will remain secure to your Lume Cube. We utilized pressure fit technology to allow you to easily add or remove diffusion accessories without removing your Lume Cube from the tripod, camera, or other mounting equipment.

Compatible with all Lume Cube diffusers, gels, and modifiers.

Note! Lume Cube is NOT included
Note! This product is made for the Lume Cube (NOT the Lume Cube AIR)

Modification Frame Specs

  • Plastic Molded Body with an internal metal frame for magnetic mounting
  • Form fitting design to securely mount on the front of your Lume Cube

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